What is Keto?

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Keto = Ketosis is the state in which the body is breaking down fat to be used as energy in place of sugar. While in ketosis your body produces ketone bodies which are produced by the liver from fat to be used as energy.
It was October 6, 2015 and I fortunately had an appointment with Ali Miller – Naturally Nourished. This appointment seriously changed my life! I had been struggling with memory loss, low energy and my weight since having my second little. I tried every diet and I would lose weight, but it seemed my memory and energy just kept declining! That day, Ali advised me that Naturally Nourished offered a class called “Ketosis”.

I read over the details and saw… NO SUGAR and LOW CARB. I wasn’t sure if this was something I could stick to, I LOVED sugar (!!!) but I thought this would be the challenge I needed, and it was only for 6 weeks! Ali promised my memory would improve, my energy levels would increase and I’d lose weight- so I got started just two days later.
The first week was the very difficult; truthfully, one of the hardest weeks of my life! I was totally going through a huge detox and I couldn’t believe the ways it was coming out. I had headaches, I was sweating at night, I was a little dizzy and very irritable. But come day 8, and I was like a new woman! I had so much energy, I felt my brain was back in the game, and I had lost 5lbs!

I was now totally on board and had no desire to cheat! One motivator I learned is that it takes about 3 days to go into ketosis and one meal to kick yourself out. So that being said, I was very diligent and still am! Now, I LOVE how I feel, and, to-date I have lost 18 pounds and 6% of body fat! As the six week mark of my class approached I decided Keto is my life, and I am committed to expanding my knowledge with the help of Ali Miller and my mentor/teacher Carli Vogler RD LD.
Follow Ali on INSTAGRAM and make sure to check out her website ALIMILLERRD.COM for more information.

I am a very passionate person and I have many titles, (Wife. Momma. Sister. Bestie. Blogger. Mane addict. Makeup junkie. Adventurer. Mixologist. Life Apprentice. Spiritual Gangster. Interior Designer. and Health Enthusiast – just to name a few). Some official, and some honorary from my family and friends, but two of which I am very proud of: Wife and Momma. My husband’s name is Lynn and we have been married almost 6 years, our littles are Elynn (pronounced E-Lynn), who is almost five, and Jackson is two and a half. My husband a native from Houston, and I have resided here since 2010 now. Although the summers are still a little unbearable for me, I really love this city and the people I have got to meet here! We love to travel, and now the littles are at such a great age to explore this great earth God has given us! There is definitely never a dull moment around our house and I can tell you: I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you again for coming to visit, and we certainly have a lot of fun posts in store for y’all!  

with love Sandra Tiffany

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