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For as long as I can remember, I have always been a smoothie -for-breakfast kind of girl! I have created many recipes, some of which I still use today even being keto! From the time Elynn & Jacks started on solids, I began making them what we call “shakes”.  I just wanted them to start their day with a balanced meal as both of them are pretty picky eaters, but found I can pretty much add anything to their shake and they will drink it!

I am often asked for the recipe from friends, so I wanted to share this recipe with you too! Have fun with it, and consider getting your littles to help out. It is such a fun experience and I think they enjoy the shake even more when they have taken part in making it!

Here’s what you need:  For us it makes about 2-3 days’ worth. I serve it to the kids in the 9oz Zoli cups:

  1 cup of frozen strawberries (I use frozen so when blended it is still cold. Sometimes the Vitamix warms the shake up from all of its power.)
  1 avocado
  1 cup of blueberries
  1 cup of fresh pineapple
  1 apple – I core it, but leave the skin on for extra fiber
  3 tablespoons of fresh almond butter – I make mine at Wholefoods
  1 tablespoon of cinnamon
  3 cups of Almond milk – I make my own – recipe coming soon!
  1 cup of frozen spinach (it is not pictured, but I freeze it in measured bags and then crumble before I put in the shake and no one notices it!)
  1 tablespoon of MCT Oil (Optional)
  1 cup of granola (Optional – I just recently started adding gluten freen pumpkin spice granola and they love it)
  1 teaspoon of powdered probiotic (Optional – I have stared adding this to their shakes with the cold & flu season here it has always been my go to, to help prevent)

I always start by adding the fresh ingredients as I feel they are best at the bottom and then I add the powders, and lastly, the almond milk.

Please feel free to add and take away ingredients. I would love to know what you, and your littles think!

In this post I am wearing some of my favorite cozies; My shirt is Love + Grace and Elynn is wearing a dress by Reborn J

with love Sandra Tiffany

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  1. Jacqueline

    Going to start trying this with E and I…miss your sweet face, and loving the new site.


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