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Who, What, Where?!  

I always love a story that starts with “Once upon a time”, and with the relaunch of SandraTiffany.com I think it’s the best time to start telling you how all of this started and who is a part of this fabulous website! Here we go again, Once upon a time I used to work in corporate Canada, and I loved having a demanding career. I truly never thought I would find myself as a “stay at home Momma”(I LOVE my littles’ dearly and appreciate the women that do stay home full time it is seriously a HUGE job) but moving to Texas almost 7 years ago, getting married , having ‘E’ and then ‘Jacks’ a short 26 months later I found myself struggling, really missing the deadlines, and feeling like I am neglecting one piece to my fabulous puzzle.

INSPIRATION // One day, while I was having lunch with my friend Marla, she casually suggested that I should consider becoming a interior design / lifestyle / travel blogger. At that time, we had only been friends for about 3 months and her advice came from two places – she knew I was struggling to figure out if I wanted to go into interior design now that both of my kiddos were going to be in school, and also from seeing our family’s travels and my passions over social media.

As soon as she said it, I immediately thought,  “I can’t do that! I don’t write”, and to be honest, I had no idea where I would even begin. But, once I left that lunch and thought some more about it, the ideas started pouring in and the concept seemed like a fun, easy outlet for me, which would still leave me the flexibility to be a supportive wife and a great Momma! After all, I do love sharing my experiences and learnings from the kiddos, traveling, my favorite restaurants, shopping, my leto lifestyle, and workout fads that I have tried (I have tried them all!!) I love makeup/makeup artists and one that’s definitely high up there: ANYTHING hair!

That night, I talked to my husband about the idea and he was very encouraging, he really had no clue what a blogger was but told me to find a team to start my branding and to build a website!

Fast forward a couple months, when my family headed out to California for our family summer vacay and I got to meet the fabulous Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co – an interior designer by trade but meeting through a friend she offered to help me build Sandra Tiffany and came up with my AMAZING branding and got started on our site!

In the beginning, I really struggled with confidence on what I was going to write about and continuously asked myself what would my niche be? Luckily, I had my high school besties, Lindsey and Alana, by my side helping me make decisions on design and encouraging me. Consequently, it felt like a natural progression to ask them to team up with me, and help me determine how to put it all together.

INTRODUCING // Lindsey & Alana

Lindsey is our “Visionary” with an extensive background in editorial photography she has always been my go-to person with respect to anything creative. She was even the first person to give me a makeup lesson! (thank heavens for that, she really expanded my knowledge. Otherwise I would probably still have pink eyeshadow all over my lids and black eyeliner on my lash line)

Alana is our “Coordinator”. She is likely one of the most organized people I know, and she never misses a thing! She always ensures we cross every T and dot every I, and she has been that way as long as I can remember. She is also the best trip planner and advisor!

The three of us have been best friends, frankly, more like sisters, since high school. We have been through the good, the bad and the amazing together! Although we live in different countries now, we manage to talk almost every day and fortunately get to see each other at least every couple months! I love having them by my side, and I couldn’t imagine life any different!

It has been 8 months since we launched ST, and this summer, as I mentioned, with a little break, I had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on our site. With the help and input of Alana & Lindsey we came to the conclusion that our original website was confusing and really lacked a storyline. Aside from ST, Alana and Lindsey have very demanding careers back home, and thus, it was quite organic to decide that it was time to go back to the original idea of SandraTiffany.com and make it about me and my life.

Over the last few months, I have gained more confidence (thanks to many of you!), with respect to sharing more about my personal journey with the world. It is my ultimate goal is to look back when I am in a retirement home and truly feel I have explored every path, connected people, and made an impact on the hearts of the people whose paths I crossed! I am not sure where the SandraTiffany.com journey will take us, but I love to keep up with my favorite bloggers on Instagram, and I have found my passion for learning more about technology and I have been able to answer with more confidence “who/what is Sandra Tiffany?” Sandra Tiffany is ME! I tried to come up with a fun name like some of my favorite bloggers “Lunch Pails & Lip Stick.. SO cute! But nothing ever stuck it is me and this is my journey, Alana and Lindsey are a HUGE part of my life/my journey and you will meet more and more of my favorite people as we go! What I stand to gain is I enjoy having fun, motiving people, being a student of life and truly living it to the fullest.

with love Sandra Tiffany

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  1. Crystal

    Let your pen guide you. You’ll be great!

    • Sandra

      Thank you Crystal, much appreciated! Xo

  2. Kristan @ Pink Rose Co.

    Girl I think this new direction sounds very exciting and real, looking forward to reading!

    • Sandra

      Thank you so much Kristan! I really appreciate it! I really enjoyed your social media failure post today! I 100% get every word you were saying and I say hats off to you with your new mantra!!! XO


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