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My first hair fiasco was at 16 years old, when I took it upon myself to use peroxide on my dark brown virgin hair (while my Mom was out of course). The end result was an awful shade of orange as I’m sure you can imagine. (I know I’m not the only one who has done this… right??) I was absolutely mortified, as was my mother who came home to see her daughter’s fried orange locks. Opting out of school the next day, my mom took me to a salon to have it corrected. (I believe I lost some hair in the process, as it was the ol’ pull through the rubber cap technique that they used). It was at the salon that day that I was looking at their copy of “Hairstyle Guide” magazine with Britney Spears and Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover, that I remember, as clear as day, how much I envied their hair styles/color and wished that one day, I would be able to have my hair done by a Celebrity Hairstylist who could transform my tresses to be like theirs.

Fast forward about 14 years to when I came across a charity auction website by chance and determined that you could bid on different experiences with celebrities. The auction that I bid on was to have my hair colored by “Celebrity Colorist” Jonathon Gale. When I learned I had actually won, I was ecstatic and could not WAIT to have my hair done! At that time, Jonathon he was working at Sally Hershingberger’s salon in West Hollywood. I, living in Houston Texas booked a flight out to LA for his first available appointment! My color looked amazing! I was so very pleased, but throughout the process, I learned that Jonathon only did color. I wanted a cut badly to complete my new look, so he referred me to one of his favorites, (who has now become one of mine too) Lee Rittiner! That day really changed my life.

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles, a city that’s obsessed with beauty, and not to mention one of the hair capitals of the world, is filled with tons of hair stylists. Many are good, few are excellent, and very few are masters. But let me confirm one thing: Lee Rittiner is a MASTER! Working and learning from the best in the industry (from Oribe to Garren), Lee has earned accolades that outnumber him in years (he’s only 30!), and now, with a cult following of Hollywood’s hottest stars, bloggers and clients from all over the world, I am enthralled to post photos of my hair and use his famous hashtag #madebylee.

I am SO happy to see that Lee is truly at the top of his game- his style is like no other! If there’s something you will get to know about me, it’s that I LOVE getting my hair cut/styled wherever I go, and I typically don’t commit to just one stylist for my hair. That being said, Lee is definitely one that if I lived closer, I would likely never see another person. He truly is an artist who understands shape and balance, and makes you look your best!

Over the last few years since our first encounter, he has become more than a stylist but a family friend. Along with his profound eye for style and artistic precision, he’s truly a great guy! I really had no notion of what a celebrity highstylist would be like, but I am so glad I met this one! If you’re in the LA area, or planning on being there, Lee Rittiner is now at the Alen M Salon in Melrose. His cuts are both incredibly chic and insanely flattering! Whether you’re looking for a trend-setting pixie to long, flowing layers, a haircut with Lee just may be the best cut and style you ever had and totally worth every dollar. My 16 year old self would be so envious of me and my celeb hair stylists. So long burnt orange…

with love Sandra Tiffany

Lee RittinerAlen M. Salon8278 Melrose AvenueWest Hollywood 323.297.3498

Images © SandraTiffany

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