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Happy New Year peeps! I am finally back from my holidays and truth be told I have missed it here! I hope y’all had the best holiday season with the people you love the most! This Christmas was one of my very favorites! My littles are now at an age they understand more about the holiday traditions and were so excited to celebrate! I told my bff that being a Momma has totally brought the spirit back from being a kid and is even better now! We spent New Year’s with our Texan best friends up in Canada – we went skiing, tobogganing, skating and enjoyed the Canadian winter which concluded with a fun New Year’s party with Ms. Alana!

I don’t typically set “resolutions” maybe I am odd but the word “resolution” just seems so finite, and  I don’t know about you but the word feels so set in stone and if you don’t follow it to a “T” and then you feel like you have failed yourself. So this year instead of setting a 2017 resolution, I prefer to call it my #twentyseventeenintentions. It clearly means the same thing but using the word “intention” allows me room for growth. So now, I want to share with you and the universe my intentions in all aspects of my life:

Sandra Tiffany:
I would like to have at least 2 posts per week, grow our Pinterest account, and add video to the blog. I would also like to get more involved in the community and meet local creatives who we can grow with together!

Since having our littles they have naturally taken center stage in our lives and this year I would like to spend more quality time with my husband trying new activities and strengthening our bond!

Since my visit to Miraval in September I took one of their seminars called “Mindful Parenting” – I learned so many fun tools that I am excited to share with y’all but my goal as a Momma this year is to continue to be more mindful and present with my time with Elynn and Jackson. I am already starting to see the benefits of this practice and believe it or not, in taking time to be present it doesn’t feel like time is going quite as fast! I am trying to live in the moment and take all the pure joy into my heart!

I have traditionally been a person to work out on the regular but when I started following Keto I decided I would focus more on my diet and learning as much as I could to support a healthy life style change. Fast forward to 2017 my eating habits are at a place that I am very comfortable with but I want to include 3-5 days of fitness classes each week. It has been great getting my weight down but toning/cardio is super important too!

I plan to stay on a low carb life for the year. 2016 was a challenging year for me hormonally and after months of Ali Miller, ND encouraging me to take one of her hormone tests to see just what my levels were at; there were some interesting discoveries. I am now looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and being a support for other woman who are facing the same challenges/feelings!

I also want to learn how to use my camera in the other modes besides “Auto.” I enjoy photography and it is a skill that gets better with time and practice!

Last but not least for 2017 I intend to be more focused on my spending. I LOVE Amazon Prime and in 2016 I loved it a little too much! We had packages at our door every day! If you watch my Instagram stories you know we have been doing quite a bit of purging and I’ve realized that it’s time to cut back… no one needs to receive packages at the door daily!

I would love to hear any tips y’all have and what your intentions are for this new fabulous year!

with love Sandra Tiffany

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  1. Susana Stevens

    Happy to see ST back! Glad you had a great time! Love your intentions – how much nicer to say “intentions”! We’re sharing the same Amazon intention – Darling Husband was walking in the door, last week, as yet another package was being delivered, and heard the UPS man say “See you, tomorrow!” Being mindful and present makes SUCH a difference, doesn’t it??!!


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