Are You Getting Enough Zzz’s?

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This past September I had the great pleasure of heading to Arizona for a seven day stay at the fabulous Miraval, a luxurious, all-inclusive resort that provides guests with an opportunity to gain more balance in their life by getting away and resetting! 

My days were busy – often starting at 8am and going until 8 pm – full of activities that included outdoor challenges, yoga, meditation, self-help classes and the most spiritually innovative spa I have ever been to! I certainly left with a wealth of knowledge, feeling relaxed and equipped with the tools to live a more mindful/balanced life! 

During my stay I was especially drawn to the “Integrative Wellness” lecture series many of which were led by Sheryl Brooks (whom I grew very fond of and chose to participate in several of her programs). The lecture, “Are You Sleeping?” taught me so much and I want to share some of my favorite information I learned about sleep. 

Do you know why experts stress the importance of 7-9 hours per night? In a nutshell, it is like putting your body on a charger and getting an “update” each night! When you sleep, you actually go through cycles 4-5 times a night, lasting 90-110 minutes each (this is for the average person who actually sleeps 7-9 hours). During these cycles your body is in restorative mode performing important functions such as hormone regulation (which is HUGE for women and can even be the reason you are struggling to lose weight but doing everything else right!), building your memory bank (everything you learned in the day get ‘deposited’ into your brain each night), and undergoing tissue repair and muscle growth!

Blue light – it sounds pretty but it may also be keeping you up at night! Many of us are guilty of being slaves to technology and the light behind the screens of our phones, tablets and computers are a type of blue light – which are similar to UV lights and are meant to represent daytime –  keeping your brain operating when it should be sleeping! One tip I have taken home with me, is changing the display light to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your device- the iPhone now has a “Night Shift” feature that is designed to do just that. (On the reverse side – if you need help staying awake during the day, Sheryl suggests putting a natural light bulb above your desk or area you are working)

I’ve also discovered since the latest Apple update that I’m able to be more mindful of my sleep routine using the Clock’s “Bedtime” setting that allows me to set a goal of how long I hope to sleep. This feature analyses each time you wake up and touch your phone and has some great alarm features as well (my favorite is the default).

I’m sure, like me, many of you can’t predict how much sleep you’re going to get every night (especially if you have littles around). But hopefully some of these tips will help you catch some more ZZZs.  For more great tips from Miraval, visit their blog.

 In these photos I am wearing House of CB’s Sleep baby pink satin night shirt

I would love to hear any of y’alls tips as well! Please feel free to comment below with what works for you!

with love Sandra Tiffany

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